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Photo Gallery

Thank you for visiting THE Ship In a Bottle web site.

Please view our photo gallery.  If you would like clarification on any of the pictures, shoot me an email and I'll get back with you!

I've included some family shots.  One of my regrets is that I did not take more pictures of projects along the way.  That is why I decided to include a photo journal with every custom made ship model built for you, my customer!

Click on Images for a larger view!

Jim with Sheri and Randy Propster
Jim with Randy and Sheri Propster - Backpacker Get Out More Tour
Dallas, TX
Craig's Union Pacific Railroad BellCraig's Union Pacific Steam Engine Bell Michelle
Daughter Michelle
in Wedding dress.
My Sidekick - ChiChi
Sailor's Sidekick
THE Ship in a Bottle Hammock on Display at CORDURA(R) Exhibit
Our Hammock Display - CORDURA(R) Exhibit - Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2010
Grandson DJ eating oatmeal
 Foredeck Bell - USS Chew (DD-106)
Foredeck Bell USS Chew
Another Beautiful Granddaughter - Taryn!!
Arilyn & dog Pangaea
Arilyn with
Bourbon Street
Bourbon Street
HMS Alfred (74)
HMS Alfred (74)
Alfred - Stern View
Alfred stern view
Alfred - Close-up
Over 1000 miniature wooden nails hold
planks in place!!
Alfred - Interior View
Left partially un-planked to show
off detail
Rattlesnake - Starboard Quarter
Rattlesnake from
the starboard
My Beautiful Aunt - Claudia Bush, SK3, USN
My Beautiful Aunt - SK3 Claudia Bush, USN
Uncle James Bush - SK3 USN
My Uncle James Bush SK3, USN,  Claudia's Husband.
T-Rex Threatening family
Our family was
almost eaten by
Cousin Jerry Penton - USN
Cousin Jerry Penton, USN - Seabees
Birdfeeder with Scrimshaw
Scrimshaw work on side of Bird Feeder.
Rattlesnake Birds Eye View
Rattlesnake Birds-Eye view
Elizabeth & Abbey
Beth and Abbey
Tom McCulloch's Bell Wall
The Bell Wall!!
Tom McColluch's US Navy Bell
Plans and Bottle
It all starts with the plans and a suitable bottle!!
10" Bell dtd 1958 - Ed Folz Owner

Ed Folz's Bell and Rope - From Great Lakes ship reported to have sunk.
Preliminary Hull for Ship In Bottle Project
Rough carved hull for a Virginia Sloop ship in a bottle
MACS Walker proudly shows off her Bosun's Lanyard
MACS Walker
Thank you for your service to our country.
Chief and Mrs. Mount
Chief and
Mrs. Mount

QMCS (SS) Nichols proudly shows off his pipe and lanyard
QMCS (SS) Nichols proudly shows off his pipe and lanyard.
DJ's First Fish!!
DJ's Very first fish...  7lbs10oz (NOT)
Rattlesnake Fore Tops
The "Fore Tops"
Sherry - Mount Ranier
My wife Sherry. 
Mt Rainer
Daughters and Grandchildren
and grand children.

BMCS Fahnestock Retirement Ceremony
BMCS Fahnestock and Family - Going Ashore

More Bell Rope Samples
Emmett Murphey
Grandfather Emmett Murphey
Robert and grandson Harrison - Canno Beach - Oregon
Robert and grandson Harrison - Cannon Beach, Oregon
My Father - David E McCurdy
My father
David McCurdy
17 Strand Lanyard
17 strand lanyard with star knots
Clint Swanton - Tannum Sands Australia
Clint Swanton - Club Captain
Tannum Sands Surf Lifesaving Club
My Friend Mario - MaltaMy Friend Mario - Island of Malta, Greece Mike and Taryn
Mike and Taryn
LCDR Muir and Family Retirement Ceremony
LCDR MUIR and Family Going Ashore
JJ McClimon's Beautiful Bell and Rope from THE Ship in a Bottle
Channahon Fire Protection District.
70's Theme - CORDURA (R) Partying Down
CORDURA(R) Team at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City
Sloop Mediator
Sloop Mediator
James Thomas' Beautiful Bell and Rope from THE Ship in a Bottle
James Thomas' Bell and Rope
Jerry's Bell and Bar - Bell Rope from THE Ship in a Bottle
Jerry Breseman's Bar with Bell & Rope
Fred Hipelli's classic bell and rope Fred Hipelli's Bell and Rope SGT Staletovich IMPD Renders Honors
SGT Staletovich, IMPD, Renders Honors
Mayde Creek High Navy JROTC Unit
Mayde Creek HS NJROTC Senior Honors Ceremony
Tarin's 1940s era Fire Truck Bell
Tarin's 1940s Era Fire Truck Bell
ASC (AW/SW) Foster, M C. Looking sharp at CPO Ceremony
ASC (AW/SW) Foster - CPO Ceremony
Colonel Bill's Boat
COL Bill's Boat - She Said Yes!
Sea Scouts Lisa and Skipper Tom
Sea Scout Lisa with Skipper "Tom" - Sea Scout Ship 1942
AMC (AW/SW) Ruiz - ODS Graduation Ceremony
Max Kaiserman, Boatswain's Mate aboard USS Olympia
Max Kaiserman
Boatswain's Mate
USS Olympia (C-6)
Kerry Toomey's Bell and Custom Rope
Kerry Toomey's beautiful bell, granite support, and custom rope.
Lori Doster and Phil Soven
Lori Doster of TSIB at the Atlanta Boat Show 2013 posing with Phil Soven of MTV's Reality Show "WakeBrothers"


Enjoy Viewing our Photo Gallery

If you would like clarification on any of the pictures, shoot me an email and I'll get back with you!

Flag flown from the gaff of USS Constitution

My prize possession - A flag flown from the gaff of the USS Constitution and presented to me on the occasion of my retirement from active duty naval service.

Letter from Commanding Officer USS Constitution

Letter signed by the commanding officer of the USS Constitution, CDR R.B. Amirault, U.S. Navy dated January, 1992.