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THE Ship in a Bottle - Authorized Distributor of Vanguard Swords, Cutlasses, and Accessories.

BUY Authentic US Navy Officer Sword and Accessories  from THE Ship in a Bottle. Certified for Wear with the US Navy Uniform.

Package Includes Authentic US Navy CPO Cutlass with Scabbard, Cloth Cover, Leather Belt, CPO Belt Buckle, Leather Frog, and Carrying Case.  Carrying Case is pictured below.

Authentic Premium US Navy Officer Sword and Accessories by Vanguard


BUY the Authentic Vanguard Premium Officers Sword Package
Vanguard Sword and Accessory Package
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Vanguard Premium Navy Officer's Sword and Scabbard
Vanguard Sword and Scabbard
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Vanguard's Navy Officer Sword Knot
Vanguard Sword Knot
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Vanguard's Black Leather Sword Belt for Navy Officer
Vanguard Leather Sword Belt
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Vanguard's Vitalon Sword Case
Vanguard Vitalon Sword Case
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Authentic US Navy CPO Cutlass and Accessories by Vanguard 

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US Navy Uniform Regulations - Excerpt regarding the proper wear of the Officer's Sword

3501.84 Description and Wear of Uniform Components Sword (Officers) Article 3501.84

Description The sword shall have a cut and thrust blade, from 22 inches to 36 inches long, half basket hilt, and fit in a scabbard of plain black grain leather or synthetic material presenting the leather appearance.

Sword, sword belt and sword knot are prescribable for all Navy commissioned officers on active duty (except chaplains) in the rank of Lieutenant Commander and above. The sword is optional for Lieutenants and below. a. Sword Belt. Two sword belt styles are authorized: (1) The traditional sword belt is made of plain black grain leather, or synthetic material presenting the same appearance, 1-3/4 inch wide, with sling straps of the same material, 3/4 inch wide. The buckle and mounting are gold plated with the buckle 2 inches in diameter. (2) The new shoulder sword sling consists of white cotton webbing with sliding shoulder pad, an adjust­ing buckle, and a sword attaching ring. The sling is worn beneath the coat, over the right shoulder extending across the torso, or over left shoulder, with the ring attachment over the top of the left hipbone, at a point where the sword slit is located in the coat. The sling is worn so that the ring attachment protrudes through the sword slit of the coat, but so that the white webbing is not visible from the outside. b. Sword knot. Consists of a loop of 1/2 inch gold lace, 24 inches long with slide and tassel. c. Preparing the Sword Knot. While holding the blade handle to the left, pass the lace through the slit in the guard of the hilt. When forming the initial bight of lace the suspended lengths should be somewhat disproportionate. (One end should be 1/4 inch - 1/2 inch longer than the other.) After taking one turn of the remaining lace and knot around the sword handle, pass the sword knot through the protruding initial bight and adjust the lace slide, as illustrated below: Preparing the Sword Knot After taking one turn of the remaining lace and knot around the sword handle, pass the sword knot through the protruding initial bight and adjust the lace slide, as illustrated below: Instruction for Preparing the Sword Knot Take two or more additional turns. Upon completion, the knot should hang free as illustrated below: Completion of the Sword Knot Correct Wear Wear the sword belt under the coat. The short belt strap and lock swivels are passed through the coat opening on the left side (as shown) and the longer strap hangs free. Hold the sword with the right hand and attach the back swivels to the scabbard rings as shown. Twist the sword one half turn in a clockwise direction and suspend on the sword hook with the uppermost scabbard ring. The sword handle faces aft when properly worn. NOTE: When wearing an overcoat with Full Dress Blue, the sword goes through the slit in the bridge coat and the lower loop goes through the back vent in the coat and the sword attached - same as Full Dress Blue. A sword is not worn with all-weather coat other than specified in article 6201.1.a(1).

Sword and Cutlass Package Descriptions:

Vanguard Premium US Navy Officer's Sword Features:

  • Acid Etched Stainless Steel Blade with single groove on both sides
  • 24K Gold Plated Brass Guard and Fittings
  • Leather Scabbard with 24K gold Plated Brass Hardware
  • Imitatin Ray Skin Surface on Ivory Colored Plastic Grip
  • 24K Gold Wire wraps around the hand grip

Buy the Authentic US Navy Premium Officer's Sword and Accessory as a Package and Save!!

Purchased separately, items in this package would cost $665.00.


  • Authentic Vanguard Premium US Navy Officer's Sword
  • Black Leather Scabbard with 24K Gold Plated Brass Hardware
  • Vanguard Sword Knot
  • Vanguard Heavy Duty Black Leather Belt with Shoulder Strap and 24K Gold Plated Buckle/Hardware
  • Vitalon Sword Case